This Saturday was the premiere night for the new underground club concept Luma. Taking place in the depths of Högsbo factory quarters, and with the promise of a secret guest along side the line up of local legends such as Ishi vu, Pomona Dream and Linton Lundin, the lore of this club was basically already created before the event even had happened.

Having arrived fairly early, I fortunately didn’t miss out on the live performance by the secret guest which turned out to be Ruby Empress. This Gothenburg based band has been doing shows all over the city and has gained massive hype in a very short time. They’re known for their dreamy sound, packed with synths flirting with the 80’s and funky bass lines.

Their live performance at Luma was nothing less than awesome. Leadsinger Tom Serner was really getting into the vibe, and by moving close to the audience and standing by the stage’s edge, the performance felt exclusive and intimate.

After Ruby Empress’ final bass lines had faded, our favourite Ishi vu found his comfortable spot behind the DJ decks. He started off with playing banging house, and really got the crowd going. Ishi vus sets are just getting better and better, and this might have been one of my favourite ones.

Clubwise, the arrangers had done a good job creating the 80’s and disco vibe that they had promised us with a bunch of red lights and smoke on the dance floor. People had also done their part and dressed up in fashion from decades long gone. It truly felt like dancing at the high school prom during the 80’s.

Leyla Ekelund