Release AW
Djungeltrumman is hosting a release of the latest issue, this time focused on literature. Join in and have some Cold beers with Gothenburg’s coolest peeps.

Tora Vinter
This Power woman will turn up the heat to max with her techno, at Fee Fi Fo Fum.

Hinterhof @ Backyard
Hinterhof is moving inside for the winter season, however there will be nothing less than sweat and insane heat on the dance floor when the residents are turning up that Tech house.

DJ Deeon @ Trunkfunk
DJ Deeon is the true producer of ghetto dance Music, and he describes his own tracks as Music ”for the strippers, for the street”. You better not be missing out on this major booking.


If you feel like dancing to Dirty techno beats, you better head here. Djs for the night are Cromlab, Boma and Martin Gottfridsson to name a few.

What is usually referred to as the techno tunnel, is for the night transformed into a haven for all things psytrance!

Locus is back at Pustervik again, and starts the season off with a bang by booking Per Hammar. Per Hammar is already legendary in the underground scene and known for his awesome taste in techno and house.

Secret Window
It doesn’t really matter if summer or not, the open airs are still here! This club is fairly new in the Gothenburg underground, however the arrangers already know which DJs to book to inspire the best vibe.

Leyla Ekelund