Hello guys, tell me a little bit about yourselves! How did you meet, and how did you get into arranging events together?

Hi Leyla! I am Johannes, 25 years old from Germany and I am currently studying my Master in Innovation Management at handels.

Leyla, I am Alexander, a creative mind and the orange sun of the three.

Heyo, I’m Viktor and I’m 26. I’m the red sun and I like the color red. I also enjoy techno, apples and conversations. What do you like? I also enjoy clever responses. How we met is actually quite a fun story. So I was planning this hippie themed day homeparty and had already like 100 attendees on facebook and everything set and ready until my landlord rolled in and forbid me to have to party…rightfully maybe, haha. So I was talking to Viktor about changing the party to an open air and he was lit instantly by the idea. Viktor brought Alexander on board to organise the decoration and so the Tresolár crew was founded.

Your next event is taking place 19th of August, what’s the vibe going to be like?

Johannes: The vibe of our next event, as well as the event before and the upcoming ones is going to hippie. We will have a lot of decoration like light chains, laterns and a cozy chill area with carpets and pillows. Hopefully alot of people will come dressed up to complete the hippie vibe.

Alexander: While visiting Way out West this year, I got inspired by some of their idéas so we might get to see a glitterbar. Let’s see!

Alexander: I’m definitely beyond excited and I’m sure people will contribute with positive energy and, as always, with an urge to dance. I’m especially excited to have my good friend Alexander Lieber come visit. He’s also signed to the record label HEARec (Happily Ever After Records) and having warmed up for him earlier this year in Berlin I’m positive that our set up will have people moving and grooving!

It’s branded as a hippie open air with its focus on deep house and techno. How did you come up with that?


Johannes: As mentioned before the day party that I was planning was themed as hippie. I came up with this in the first place, because I wanted to have a cool vibe at my day party where everyone is just getting along well, enjoys the music and people and has a great time.

Viktor: Yeah, Johannes idea of a hippie-themed event is something I’ve felt has been missing in Gothenburg. Most clubs have dark vibes to them, which in all honesty I’m very much for, but I’ve always had in mind that if I were to organise events I’d want colorful surroundings. Needless to say, I was very much in agreement with Johannes’ idea, being quite the colorful person myself.

What are the biggest challenges when arranging clubs?

Johannes: Especially for newcomers as us the biggest challenge is to just think about every small detail when it comes to the organisation. DJs have to brought on board, sound has to be booked and installed, a suitable location has to be spotted, cost calculation have to crunched and so on and on. 

Alexander:  The weather have to be in our favor!

Viktor: All of the above. As with a lot of things that need planning, the best trait you can have while running events is problem fixing on the spot/damage control.

What do you guys think of the Gothenburg underground? Any favourite clubs?

Johannes: I am personally a big fan of Electric Dreams, which was also my first open air that I attended when I came to Gothenburg for the first time. Tanya, the main organiser from Electric dreams, also helped us out big time with the organisation of the first event. But there are also a lot of other underground movements, that are popping up and hosting really sweet parties. So all in all, Gothenburgs techno and deep house underground scene is becoming stronger and stronger which is nice to see since techno apparently is really stepping foot in the city!
I have been to a couple of events and so far I prefer Technu. But basically it’s about the Djs booked and the people coming.

Viktor: I get around to a bunch of different scenes. My favourites so far have been Technu, Locus (both underground and when they host amazing bookings at Pustervik), Tillvaron, Tekla and MOJO (Not specifically underground but probably the best legit/white club in my opinion).

Regarding clubs and nightlife, where did your ultimate clubbing experience take place? Tell me a bit about it!

Johannes: I would say my ultimate party experience was actually our first open air that we organised, since we had so many people attending that we were friends with, the atmosphere was fantastic, the weather was playing along and we just starting partying and dancing during the day and carried on in the night. It was just one of those parties when everything was going as good as it can get and the vibe was just impeccable.

Alexander: I totally agree! The first Hippie Open Air was one of the most memorable parties I’ve ever been to.

Viktor: It’s really hard to say. The first party we threw was really magical but to say it was the best would be boasting too much, hehe. It’s hard to compare, really, but every time I visít Sisyphos in Berlin I get the relaxed, non judgemental feeling that we strive for as a team to create. The greatest experience I’ve had as in particular night probably has to be ADE 2013 with the crazy line up: Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Marcel Fengler. They played in a huge warehouse and everything about that techno was banging. Unforgettable moment and life-altering event for me.

Who would be your ultimate booking for one of your parties?

Johannes: I am personally a huge fan of Mike Book, a german techno dj from Berlin. I really love his sound and it would be amazing to get him on board for one of the events. And who knows, it seems like people are really excited to see where our tresolar hippie movement is going, so if it is growing as planned, maybe one day, we fly the guy in!

Alexander: Röyksopp and Maceo Plex feat Björk would be mind blowing however I really enjoy Stina Francina and Frida Frida and am really PSYCHED that we got them onboard. They always deliver a great vibe, good music and they are having comfortable behind the set, which is also very nice to watch and be a part of.

Viktor: Taking into consideration our current position in terms of where we are in the process of making a name and establishing ourselves as a group/movement I couldn’t have asked for a better line-up. As Alexander mentioned, I’m also a big fan of Frida Frida and Stina Francina and I feel flattered that they want to be a part of this event. As for bookings up to now Till Noon is by far the best we could have hoped for. With his experience, sound and overall personality he really knows what he’s doing and the timing couldn’t have been better.

And lastly, please tip us about a track that will totally get us in the mood for dancing at your open air!

Johannes: A friend of mine just showed me this track on the weekend, pretty dark and groovie… It’s called ducks in the kiddie pool by Click Click.  I get into dancing mood every time I hear it!