22 July 2017

INTERVIEW w/ 90bis Records

90bis Records is our fresh coming French record Label that spreads the love for Electronic music and Techno through Open Airs and more wanted parties all over the city. Next time you hear the pulsating vibes of deep techno from a bridge, in the parks or at a warehouse, it might just be 90bis that is in action. After visiting one of their Open Airs on one of many bridges of Paris, we just had to have a chat with them.


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you entered this business with arranging parties etc.

After visiting a lot of parties (clubs, raves, free..) and listening to all kinds of electronic music (house, techno, d&b, hardcore, minimal, psytrance…), we decided to play, produce music, create a House/Techno label and organize parties.

What is the story behind 90bis Records?

90bis Records, 10 000th house techno label, was born in Paris in the middle of the 10’s. It is created by 3 computer music fans at the ”90 bis”, a street number in the center of Paris. However we prefer to keep it secret. It’s our place to work, produce, play and make incredible afters!

What are your upcoming plans? Are you going to stay in Paris or expand to other cities?

We want to make a lot of parties in Paris of course but also in all over the world. Next in Stockholm I think !;) Are you in ?

How does a successful and a FANTASTIC party look?

Fantastic Place, Fantastic Music, Fantastic People


Tell us about the worst party/ club you have ever been to.

X PonK : My first party in my grand fathers’ garage when I was 14 years old. I didn’t know how to mix music, I didn’t talk to girls and I had an overdose of Haribo and Diet Coke.

If you could play alongside a famous DJ, who would that be and where?

B2B with Marcel Dettmann on a Desert Island.

Do you have a favorite club in Paris?

I think Rex Club is my favorite club in Paris because it’s a legendary club for techno music. It’s one of the first, and one who keep a perfect artistic direction. But now there are many clubs, open airs and warehouse parties since 5 years in Paris and outside of Paris. And for the sound system of course!

What is your opinion about the underground parties and Open Airs in Paris?

More and more, better and better! It’s so cool to have many parties in the parks, on the bridges, in warehouses in Paris. But also in the suburbs! There are many labels, promoters, djs… Concurrence is hard but it’s so cool to have so many people passionate about electronic music!

Will we see more of you guys this summer? Where?

Raves Paris #4 on July 23rd and maybe another in August and another in September… Who knows !

RAVES PARIS noir alpha (kopia)

FB/contact: 90bis Records

Upcoming events: RAVES PARIS #4


 Pernian Farahani