PARIS 6/7 – 9/7


La teuf champêtre du Camion Bazar

Teuf or Fete, that is the question. All you know is that its groove supreme at La Clairiere.

La Station Hors Les Murs • Good Music For Good People

La Machine invites pretty parisias to a super weird mix of: hip-hop • disco • house • electro • techno • micro • afro • balearique • beat cosmique. It’s like a huge Paella. If it’s  not too much for you then go for it.


Psykedelicious sur 2 Sound-systems

Not an event for psychos, but definately for the ones that want to hear that psychedelic beat going on. Psych trance, tech, electric.. be high.

Festival * Les Siestes Electroniques 2017 * Paris

Ohh ever been at a festival in a museum? well here is your chance! Here is where Electro becomes art.

Cracki Party

Cracki is out in the city again (finally) and this time with a rather flashy and SECRET event. Check the link to get access to the destination, or just listen for a grat sound of underground beats and you will eventually find your way there.


La Clap x Neighbor Hood invit Triptil (Sleep is Commercial)

At Cafe Barge there is a special Sunday session waiting for you. This might be the earliest day event we have ever seen in Paris, it starts at 6AM, so basically a great opportunity to call this an AFTER PARTY.

BC PARIS #6 / Street Food Event/ Dimanche 9 Juillet / LaPlage

Who says no to a beach and food party at the same time? LaPlage has ordered up everything for you so that you push your hangover til’ Monday instead.

Pernian F.