Trance With Us
This is an open air with it’s (pretty obvious) focus on Trance music! The Djs are from varied underground clubs such as Connected and Electrotravels.

Boulebar is hosting another one of their tournaments, and for us peeps that simply would like to just enjoy a beer in the sunset, they’re also throwing an afterparty!

Trunkfunk is throwing a release party of massive proportions tonight, when inviting the awesome duo Frånskild.


Laundry Room Dagsfest
Porto Libre is back open, and with the perfect timing weather-wise! The DJs are well known here, and what’s even more exciting is the promise of a secret guest!

This funky disco club is back for another night of glitter mayhem! Three Italians team up to deliver seriously sharp beats.

Tekla is ready for round two, and we’ve been eagerly waiting since last time. They’re continuing their flirting with Stockholm, bringing down the underground legend Damien Eie for this occasion!

Leyla Ekelund