Huset are well known for their captivating lyrics and sweet beats that are hard to resist. We managed to get a hold of Johan Hammerlid, one of the front men of the group to catch up regarding their new EP and their upcoming release party!

Hey guys, you are quite a big hip hop group. How did all of you meet?
Three of us met at a hiphopconcert at Henriksberg in Gothenburg. This was seven years ago. We started to freestyle and got a really nice connection. We have been hanging out at least 3 times a week since that night.

And why did you choose to call yourselves Huset?

Haha, it’s quite an ugly name, especially from an aesthetic point of view. I hate to deal with the H. Back to the question, at that time we had our studio at Lagerhuset close to Järntorget in Gothenburg. We were always 10-15 friends hanging out, doing a lot of funny things together. It was a time when everyone had a chance to try, search and express themselves in a creative way. We called ourselves the ”family” and Rudeboi was and is the name of that family. When we started to do this music thing we always had the ambition to gather people from different parts of the city.

What has been your biggest obstacle in trying to break through within the Swedish hip hop scene?

Are we through? Nice! I guess you can’t really define us as swedish hiphop. And therefore its hard to make it as a swedish hiphop artist. We have shows for very diverse crowds. Our followers are as much hiphop heads as people that don’t even like hiphop. Weird and true.

A lot of stuff’s going on for you this spring, the closest happening is your release party (of your new EP) at Pustervik this Thursday. What can we expect of the party?

We have great dj’s and also R&B queen Stina Velocette as support. From our side there will be a lot new songs and loads of energy.

You’ve certainly made a name for yourselves here in Sweden, in Gothenburg especially throughout the years performing together and your music has a very distinctive and characteristic sound. I’m obviously very curious about the new EP, tell us a little bit about it?

The name of our new EP is ”Från igår” and consists of six tracks in total. It’s created in the beginning, middle and end of a big change. During the fall 2016 there was a lot of family related issues and the very same week, two of our group members chose to quit. I was pretty sure that this would be the end of it all. We had made so many plans for the future and suddenly everything changed. Many of the tracks were written in a time when I’ve had to reevaluate a lot in life. Relationships and how to reach my goals. However, soundwise it’s a bit more towards the electronic side but with the same playfulness as previously. The lyrics are more raw, personal and real.

Your most recent single release was of your track ”Snöfall”, what’s the backstory of it? 

We started to write this song more than one year ago and it’s been a horrible fucking journey to finish it, haha.

I think it was uncomfortable to do because the situation has been and sometimes is very real to us. Its basically about what the intense craving for fun and success in combination with bad self esteem does to you.

Do you have any major influences from other artists or groups, in regards of creating your own music?

We have so different influences so its hard to sum up in specific names.

And what’s happening this summer? Any special plans?We have some upcoming shows and sessions but first and foremost we will try to put the new songs out in different ways. Music videos, promotions and such things.

What’d be the collaboration of your dreams?

I think Mapei, Chords, Dani M or MØ would be nice.

And last but not least; tip us of your favourite three tracks right now!I dont listen to music at all right know because of all the rehearsals we have, haha. I NEED SILENCE.

Leyla Ekelund