Klubb Bambi w/ Mount Liberation Unlimited
A live disco marathon brought by Studio Barnhus’s epic duo in Lund is almost too good to be true.

Into the Episode
Babel takes on the club tour everyone’s been talking about and the line-up is solid.
Oskrivet is back again, perfect for anyone who’s in the mood for a sturdy rave among ‘normal’ people and reliable dj:s.
Klubb Döden
A club I’d highly recommend if you’re into experimental stuff. Evigt Mörker (killer!), Sona and Tomhet will definitely come through with something dreamy.
Döden/Tlön: afterhours
Döden continues after closing time at Inkonst, collaborating with the Malmö classic Tlön.
Upside Daytime Sessions
If you want to start the party early, catch the traing and go hang out at Halvandet in Copenhagen. Disco during daytime plus heaps of people celebrating summer.

Alice Dagdostar