PARIS 11/5 – 14/5



Kitsuné Afterwork at Les Bains, May 11th

Them Kitsune Afterworks are back and this time it will be spotted at Les Bains. Chill down with trendy drinks and modern electro.


Open Minded Party : Manu Le Malin, AZF, 14anger, Sinus O live

La Machine is going very Open Minded tonight. Manu le Malin will turn the place to Jurrasic Park with psycho beats on the side.

J-3 // CIMER Club #7

CIMER has been club hopping among Wanderlust, old Social Club and Supersonic. This time they will offer live sets, gifts and pure love for the audience.

Elementra Festival Promo Party in PARIS (FR)

And we continue to the next boat on Seine: Batofar, where live acts is highlighted tonight. This festival will give you live acts, DJ sets and electronic sounds up til 7 AM.

Gonzaï Night : Wire, Blackmail & Teknomom

La Maroquiniere is found in one of Paris most artistic bohemian quarters, 20eme. It is a bit challenging for Brits to establish their Techno here because of the beef between FR ans UK is 8 (forever). But the hype is big, so we make peace for one night.


✦ Mammane Sani, Novella, Blondi’s Salvation, Biche &more ✦

Another Festival spotted! La Station – Gare de Mines, with a more psychedelic 60-70s sound with the mysterious Mammane Sani. Well, by now you should have figured out the crowd.

Paris Tropical Session : nuit tropicale sur sound system

It seems like Paris never gets tired of the Tropical vibe parties, as they seem to ba an all year thing. But that doesn’t bother us at any  circumstances. Join the GLAZART summer vibe and bring your hula hulas.


Sunday Tribute // Joy Division

And our little hangover day, some amateur or pro bands on scene and you can just listen and drink away your pain. All is good.

Pernian F.