PARIS – One More Bar



At first, when people kept giving me options of bars around in the 11eme arrondissement, they repeatedly kept saying ”There is One More Bar”. Which one? ”One More Bar, and so the conversation continued until we finally recognized that its name is actually One More.

For the ones that have visited comptoir General, (and that is many), you guys will definitely feel the recognition once entering the doors of One More. Since its so well hidden, and kind of secretly pops up in the street, you actually get surprised by the African touch and loud interior. Not to mention the heat that blows on you like a wind of sauna heat when you step in to this dance maniac venue. The first impression was: Comptoir Generals little sister, or maybe cousin. Drinks are slightly different but still keeping the exotic touch, whilst beer prices and supply were pretty much identical.

The night you decide to visit, One More, you might want to prepare with some light clothing and dance shoes, because if you want to have fun in here, you better step in to the moving crowd and go woth them moves. Standing in a sauna drinking cocktail after cocktail and just watching dance rings, pros, breakdance, salsa, trapping, hip hop and so on being performed on the dancefloor is no fun, aja baja. You ought to be in it! Surely you will also hear hints of deep house and techno every once in a while, but it is the mix of music genres that is working your heart rate like interval sessions.

Keep it up together with the crowd and you will not be disappointed, sweaty for sure, but definately satisfied. If you want to have a nice beer and chat with your friends then get don’t even bother coming here, you can neither hear them or chill them. (Unless you go to the back by the scene where you can relax at a table), which most likely has available seats since no one goes there anyway..

One more thing, its open until 4AM which practically makes it a club, or the cousin of the club.

What to drink?  The selection of cocktails with passion fruit, or a safe card Mojito.

Price range: $$-$$$

44 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris

Pernian Farahani