PARIS 4/5 – 7/5


Sosh Highlight Closing Party

At Grand Marche Stalingrad on a Thursday you will find many toys to play with. Cocktails, videos and music. You are set for the night!

CE SOIR ! Lancement Kiblind #60 ”Président” – Paris

Warm up your rainy evening at Pint Ephemere. Besides cheap(er) beer you can pour it up for Mr President!

L’avant Beau Festival : Biche Dj set x La Veillée POP

The pretty boys behind Briollay Pop Festival (whom we interviewed 😉 ) are having a super gig night at Le Motel. Expect some Psychedelic, Pop, Soul Funky music and no entrance at all. So French.



Workerz and Hotel Radio Paris behind the desk at Garage (which is evidently the new Grand Rivage). They even promised secret guests. Who dat be?

Beau Mot Plage 1 year Party w/ Teluric & Nunes

We are not quite sure if the term ”Micro House” is considered the same sound in France as in Sweden. But since Petit Bain usually is a promising choice (music wise) we are prepared to take a shot. Maybe Tequila or so.

Dada Temple : Anetha All Night Long

It seems like La Machine du Moulin Rouge is making cash on focusing on the commercial DJ guests, which can be a big shame for the great new comers. But wtf, Anetha is going for an all-nighter and usually they are so high that the music gets funky.

Hello Panam Boat Party

Finally we found a Boat Party where they play TRAP. At Flow Paris there will be a mix of Hip Hop, R&B, House and much lovin on their little ”yacht” party. Until 6 AM you can play Jack and Rose on deck.



Un Samedi Soir Sur La Plage Parisienne / PARTY II

Did we hear Beach Party? In Paris?

4-6 Mai | Cérémonie d’ouverture : Nuba devient Communion

Yaay, Nuba is back with spring/summer and all the cheap people who don’t want to pay entrance just run here y’all. And you know what? Parra for Cuva is here again!!!!!! (Plus live DJ)

TRVSN Party #2 with 13 Block, Rakoto3000 Lorkestra CLEAN P Kirou Kirou and Hony Zuka !

And our third Boat for this week is Batofar. Inviting us over for some random DJs that at least we never heard of. But hey, it’s always nice with change!


Sunday – TBA

Coucou !

LES NUITS Oreades – Saison 2 (Special Djanes)



Pernian F.