PARIS 28/4 – 30/4


Faust x Lunar : Red Axes, Birds of Mind, Emmanuel Russ

Spring sessions at Faust is all about the contast between under-the-ground and terrace party. You will understand once you set foot here.

Raheem Experience Night : Raheem Experience, Henry Wu, Rafiki

At La Machine du Moulin Rouge, ”The Raheem Experience” as they are reffering too is all live. And you get to dance to the light show too.


One One Six Festival / Jour 2 @6b Camion Bazar Guts

Closing party for the One One Six Festival is happening at Le 6b. House, Funk, Cumbia, Balkan, all that genres you have to search for in Paris are here tonight.

La Station — Gang Des Mines 1

Gare des Mines have put out outdoor scenes for the extra kinky ones who just can’t wait for summer and want to kick off a bit early.

KIK w/ Hans Bouffmyhre / Chris Liberator b2b Sterling Moss / Wlderz live / Lowkey & Kardinal / Skober /

All the way out in Saint Denis, KIK crew will be waiting for you with a Sex on the Beach in their hands. Clubs that are located outside of Paris are usually the best ones.

Concrete Dement3d: Silent Servant/Peder Mannerfelt/Francois X

Since France is having another long weekend, Concrete is of couse giving us a 24 hour session again u until 10 AM. Do you dare?


SOUQ : Acid Pauli / NU / Viken Arman / YokoO / Feathered Sun

Another artistique / music / light / scen ish event at La Villette. Those guys should get a prize for bringing such acid parties to the city.

La Dimanche * Veille de jour férié

Gay days in Pris are the best! La dimanche gives you a perfect location in the 10eme as much as drinks and music!

Pernian F