PARIS 20/4 – 23/4


Granny Goes to Heaven EP release party + Carly Blackman

60s-70s psychedelia to be transformed into funky disco aka soul hip hop vibe. What a mess. But we like it! Hands up for Granny at Le pop du label.

Concert/ Fils de Vénus Birthday Party: Kelly Lee Owens + Lala&ce

Let’s celebrate a 5 year anniversary BADABOUM style. Get over here to get wacked with mysterious electro sounds, Kelly Lee Owens plus many many guests.


Exotika : LesYeuxOrange x Beesmunt Soundsystem

Let’s get exotic at La Java this Friday. Getting acquainted with LesYeuxOrange might be a bit tricky this time since their music is describes as ”secret electro”. Be on your guard!

Arabic Sound System x Rinse France x Guilty Dogs

Arabic Sound System in da house. (Not to be confused with Acid Arab). But if you like that oriental kick in your techno then you should definately try it out.

Queer Week is back !

At Supersonic the Queer is back baby. Go nuts, testy and flash your dance queer style.

Potentiel Hydrogène #7 – Lostsoundbytes, Jan Melnick, Theorama

Grand Marche Stalingrad never let you underground dogs down. Up until 6 AM you get to hear the good stuff pumping out of their system in to yours.



And of course we reserve a line for all of our Dub lovers. Dub Station is happening at Trabendo with a short Line up but it sure is heavy!


If you are up for an all night longer then Gibus is the place for you!


Faust Terrasse x Back To Basics : Acte II

On a Sunday like this, you can access the terrace of Faust and listen to some classic house, funk, disco, 70s and find the disco queen in  you.

Vide Ton Placard avec RETARD #4

Sun-Day events at Point Ephemere are not jut about the cool beer. This week its also about fashion, bring your old stuff to trade for some new stuff!