Your major breakthrough came with your track ”Ima Read” back in 2012. What inspired the making of the track?

I wrote ‘Ima Read’ while experimenting with music production and writing in college. At the time of its creation it was just a song I sung to myself and friends in moment of frustration. I decided to keep the beat minimal so the listener could focus on what was being said – which ended up having quite the hypnotic effect.

You’re viewed as an icon regarding the underground queer hip hop scene – what are your own thoughts of the scene from which you emerged from?

Scenes begin and end but Icons last forever! I’m honored to regarded such but most importantly – I’ve learned that I am now an representation of artistry for the individuals who have the same data (race, background and sexuality) as me. My goal is to transcend what is impossible and to encouraged the under represented to soar about all the BS.

You’re coming to Gothenburg to join the Easter Party of Wish You Were Queer – what can we expect from your performance?

Madness, uncontrollable energy, bass and a performance unlike a any you’ve ever witnessed.

What is your favourite aspect of performing on stage in front of an audience?

The exchange of energy and lust. It changes every show so its always fun to see how I’m capable of interacting with an audience.

What are your thoughts of Gothenburg, as a city?

I want / need to come back stay longer to really immerse myself in the scene here – I also need to meet more beautiful kitty Katz.

Which is the craziest clubbing experience you’ve had?

Red Bull Music Academy Japan, Ukraine, Berlin, and Brooklyn NY.

Do we have any upcoming releases of yours to be looking forward to?

I’ll be featured on the Gorillaz ‘Humanz’ album on April.28th and I just released my debut unisex print collection:

And lastly, please tip us about your favourite track as of right now!

I’ve been listening to Leila Arab, Jervae Anthony, Emptyset, Anderson Paak, Generic Face, LSDXOXO, La Femme Ladosha and She’s Drunk.

Leyla Ekelund