PARIS 15/4 – 16/4



Dure Vie 4 Years • DISCO DISCO • DJ Pierre · Horse Meat Disco · Daniel Wang · Baastel

Life is hard indeed, especially at  club YOYO at Palais de Tokyo where DISCO DISCO will pump up the easter weekend and make you pop eggs like a chicken

Cracki Records présente • Ménage à Trois Australia part III

You ever had a threesome at the club? Well, with Cracki Records you might. Welcome to Grand Rivage, entrance is free and music is legit. Don’t miss out!

Clear Waters x Emince @Generator Paris

We found another free entrance at The Generator, located in one of the best areas in Paris. Let’s see if Clear Waters makes you want to pay for drinks.



As Villette is getting more and more popular, GLAZART is running ahead with its

Rituel: Parra For Cuva – live, Stavroz – live, Laolu, Noema and more

Parra for Cuva. Parra for Cuva. Parra for Cuva. Oh and did we mention, Parra for Cuva? What a wicked game!

Flashy 3538 3773 @Le Klub

At Le Klub you can be Flashy up to 6 AM sharp. Electro Synthwave ans Synth pop will lead you the way.

La Dimanche * GardenParty

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ Garden Party in mid-April? It’s Sunday, Monday is off and probably sunny. So get your hungover asses to da club.