2017 March 30th

Tekla is one of the underground clubs that are as given to the night life here, as Poseidon is to Avenyn. They have a history of throwing amazing open airs during summer time as well as creating sweaty dance floors during winter.

I haven’t managed to join any of Tekla’s parties in quite some time now, so being able to take part this past weekend had me very excited. Having heard the DJ duo Y+M beforehand, and knowing their incredible taste in music – I knew that this would be amazing. And it certainly was.

The venue they had found was much like a hangar, with a dome like ceiling and a massive open space. The lights for the night were sparse but pretty much spot on, with its modest red lighting and main laser above the DJs, creating the perfect underground vibe.

The major ordeal of arranging a party in such a large venue, is to fill it up. That was no problem this time, however, since a lot of people showed up – making the club cozier and even pretty crowded at times. There weren’t any hang out areas, which turned everybody’s focus towards the dance floor and ultimately the music.

The music was awesome, not too heavy, not too soft. Simply perfect. It kept people dancing all night long. And to get me to dance for hours to techno is pretty difficult – yet at Tekla, you could find me on the dance floor pretty much the entire night.

Overall, Tekla lived up to their reputation as one of Gothenburg’s best underground clubs – and one of my favourites.

Leyla Ekelund