There’s a minimal chance to get disappointed when Spazio Soundsystem is involved, creating an atmosphere both to dance or just have a drink (or five) in. Yesterday, they were back at Babel (the bar) with something sturdy we could lean on while mingling with the undistinguished crowd of youngsters in chunky sneakers and heels (fans of the ‘post future poptrap’ happening at the other dancefloor). It was pretty cool – but far from what presumably will go down next weekend.
It’s been a struggle following Francis Inferno Orchestra on Instagram the last few months since the Melbourne-based dj, along with Mount Liberation Unlimited among other disco champions, has been kicking it in Australia while we’ve been forgetting what heat even feels like. We only have to hold on a few more days, however, because after being rescheduled, FIO is finally visiting Malmö (Plush, Inkonst, 31/3).Talk about heat!
Another reason to be turnt is Kajsa Lindström’s birthday, presented by Kiloton, a block away at Babel. Except resident dj:s (Kajsa L and Per Hammar) Stockholm-based Halloomi member Flord King will be there to get us lit. As if we wouldn’t be already!

Alice Dadgostar