Most Wanted w/ Omar, Andrew James Gustav & Martin Debaere

Petit Bain is hitting right in the core by starting their Friday with Berlin, London and Paris electronicts. Will there be a battle? Ohh booy.

TEN FÉ x Gustave x JW Ridley // 24.03.17 // Le Pop Up du Label

A bar that feels like a club. And the only reason its considered to be ”bar” is because of its closing hours. If you party hard enough maybe they keep an hour extra just for you.

Buena Vista sauce Pigalle by Tafmag w/ Money Penny

Pigalle lovers, look alive. At Le Pigalle this evening you will ahve a broad selection of Disco, funk, Hip Hop, Soul, Afro Beat, Broken Beat and even more. Too much for you? Just grab a glass on the sofa.

OPEN Brahma

When spring approaches it bringes a lof of great things with it indeed. For example OPEN Brahma is back at Gibus club waiting to be discovered for this year. Did we hear open bar???? Yes..


HOUSE of MODA – Miss Catastrophe

But in your most fashionable clothes and show up at La java for it’s time for HOUSE of MODA. Queer up!

Le LAB Festival // 4ème édition // 1/2 finale #3

The save card of the evening would be Badaboum, choose your favorite dance floor and get it on with the techno like you mean it.

La Suite mars #4 Spring Spirit | 24.03 & 25.03 à Point Éphémère

If you want to grab a beer with ILLEGAL GROUND, then by all means, join us at Point Ephemere a Saturday like this. We will be at the bar och DJ desk.


Vivement Dimanche : LA VAGUE

ever heard of Heavy pop? Ever heard it being mixed with Alternative rock? Well, La Vague can take your virginity to sum up an amazing weekend.

Pernian F.