Add Fitzroy (the Melbournian Urban Outfitters for adults starring a marathon of poached eggs/avocado on sourdough and wooden interiors) to an episode of Emmerdale – and you have Edinburgh. You can’t possibly go any whiter than that. With that being said, I really have to say that I haven’t met people as genuinely friendly as the Scottish in a long time – perhaps because of the vibrant working class vibe. Therefore I was pretty keen to find out what the club scene would have in store.

A friend described the crowd at Shapework, a monthly night at The Mash House, as “trippy”. I saw that as a good sign. On the schedule for the evening was Paris-based Simo Cell, whose music is tricky to categorize. Presenting material on a scale from fully experimental to pure disco, it was hard to predict how the evening would turn out music wise. Nevertheless, we went there with high expectations.

The main difference between going out in Sweden and in Scotland is that people couldn’t care less about status in a place like the Mash House compared to any ‘cool’ place in Stockholm or Gothenburg. The guards were nice. The bartenders were nice. No one gave a fuck about reputation, age or looks – everyone was doing their thing. The music might not have been epic but I was so excited to be able to stop caring about who’s cool and who’s not. Edinburgh brought us a techno scene without hierarchy.

If you’re planning to visit Edinburgh sometime soon, make sure it’s around april 16th. Terminal V, an all day event presenting Jeremy Underground and legend Carl Craig with heaps of other artists (and more to be announced) is happening at a secret location. Go, go, go!

Alice Dadgostar