PARIS 9/3 – 11/3


Kitsuné Afterwork at Les Bains

There is no place like home, or in this case Maison Kitsuné. If you feel lonely, high or drunk on this thursday then please at least stop by!


Excited NIGHT à La Géode w/ Möd3rn, DNGLS, Re.Kod, The Driver

La Geode has teamed up with GLAZART and created this fantastic event. Techno and house in all excitement there is. If you can drag your asses to 19eme then do it!

Hermine Records at Petit Bain Paris – Vendredi 10 mars

Vinyl style at Petit Bain. This Friday the little boat will entertain us with spinning wheels as you folks’ do some ass shakin’.

OX w/ Bambounou, Simian Mobile Disco, Gordon

Every now and then you will spot Bambounou in Paris, we believe he is rounding up all the clubs and this time you can catch him at Le Trabendo.

Free Wifi (teuf)

Teuf, or in it’s correct form; Fête, will be some sort of an underground trial. We are not sure if SALÒ is a new place or not, but is definitely one to discover!


Space In Faders 2017

La Machine du Moulin Rouge might not be a favorite in town, but it does make some great bookings every now and then, which makes it worth actually going there and standing in line with all the 18 year olds.

Vinyle Village #4

If you didn’t have enough Vinyls from the friday, then we have another event for you at La Capela. Even though it’s a Vinyl shop, it will be an all day session with lot’s of nice music.

CLUB / Missive Nite = Project Pablo, Alland Byallo, P-O.

Surprisingly, BADABOUM is getting better and better reputation and it has gone that far that it is actually getting accepted by even OLDER than 18 year olds to go here. And guess what, there is a reason for that. Wanna know what it is? Well I guess there is only one way to find out.