Although the colour of the concrete has been the same as the sky in Malmö for ages, we have to admit that spring is in the air. Sure, everything feels like summer for a week after Kornél Kovács took us for a ride (competition was hard at Grammisgalan with both Dorisburg and Studio member Dan Lissvik in the run but nothing made us as blissed-out as The Bells last year) at Culture Box last weekend.

I was pretty surprised by the venue, that reminded me of Slakthuset in Stockholm. It doesn’t usually matter that much who’s booked – clubs with several dancefloors and a 20-year-olds-with-vodka-redbull aura can never really make you feel relaxed. However, the danish version (plus of course the unbelieavably cheap shots) managed to bring us something we could dance to wherever we were. Also, the crowd was far from older dudes in groups doing coke (the typical Slakthuset scenario). It’s nice to see chicks above the age of 25 for once, along with ‘normal’ people who clearly wasn’t there just to get cooked. Above all, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Even a friend of mine who’s not really into electronical music thought Kornél absolutely smashed it.

Alice Dadgostar