Corenation @ Tellus
For some pumpin’ rawstyle and hardcore in a bigger venue, this is the place to go. DJ Kvint and Bellzor are some of the DJs for the night.

Robert Leiner
Robert Leiner is considered to be one of the legends regarding Swedish underground. This Friday he makes an unusual appearance at Fee Fi Fo Fum.


Kafé Höga Nord Anniversary
This award winning café has been around for a year now and invites us all to come celebrate. For the occasion they’ve booked several coolio Djs as well as an artist to present his works.

Arkajo & Fabian Bruhn
This dunder duo is back at it again, behind the DJ decks at Fee Fi Fo Fum!

Tellus XXL
This is the go-to psytrance party of this weekend. Celebrating their 2 years anniversary, they’re promising us one hell of a night!

Premiere 808 After Hour Club
Techno + Avenyn sound like a horrible mess but 8ight is giving it a try! This edgier club is hosting a techno night once a month and for this special premiere they’ve booked legend H.O.S.H.

Leyla Ekelund