While Fabric was a major let down, I was actually lucky enough to experience one of London’s real underground warehouse parties. These parties are arranged on a pretty regular basis, in the outskirts of town in run down old looking factory venues, much like Gothenburg. For this occasion they had booked awesome xxxy, which I was very excited about.

The venue and music for the night was amazing, it took forever to get there and forever to get back to the place we were staying but was definitely worth it. The crowd was dancing, enjoying the music and being really friendly.

People that are attracted to these kind of parties seem (in my experience) to be on the younger side in London. I figured most people were my age, whereas in Sweden the age range is pretty broad.

Xxxy’s set was very cool, starting off directly with heavy house, basically forcing the crowd to dance from beginning to end. It was also fun to see the DJ really engaging with the crowd, smiling and just having a general laugh with us inbetween the mixing.

So, whenever you’re travelling to London, my advice is to really dig to find these hidden gems instead of turning to the more available (shittier) options such as the mainstream electronic clubs.

Leyla Ekelund