We are all aware of what went down at Fabric by the end of last year. The massive media coverage of how the famous club in London lost its license due to some unfortunate drug related deaths, gave us a pretty good idea of the state of the underground clubs in London.

Unfortunately I haven’t been to Fabric before this happened, and therefore I don’t really know what the club was like back then. However, having massive expectations of this highly praised club – I was majorly let down.

Despite having the pretickets bought and being at the venue before 01 (which was listed as one of the rules to be able to enter without queuing), we still ended up waiting in line in the London weather for approximately 50 minutes. When actually arriving inside, we were divided by gender, going through what felt like an airport security check up, conducted by very unfriendly guards. Right then and there, I realized that Fabric is nothing related to underground at all.

Maybe I’m spoiled with the cool parties thrown in strange and unusual venues here in Gothenburg, but I really can’t understand the hype regarding Fabric at all. The club itself is huge, and attracting so much people that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to even dance on the dedicated dance floors. And the people this club attracts are a whole different story.

It looks like Fabric’s clients mostly consist of 19 years old guys dressed as if they were actually around London’s real underground rave era during the 90’s. I’m not talking about the nice hipster rave guys you see at raves here in Gothenburg – nope, I’m talking about the rave guys trying to push you, elbow you and treat you like a piece of meat at the meat market around the corner.

Apart from that, the place itself is really weirdly organized. At the main dance floor, the DJs are hidden behind a massive DJ booth that resembles a wall more than anything else which means that people didn’t really know where the DJs were and ended up ”dancing” in all different directions. The sound was also not very loud (good for our hearing I suppose) which made the dance floor into the perfect hanging spot for said teens, just wanting to have a chat. Totally killed the vibe.

The music however was good. I’m glad that they actually have the budget for making those really big bookings. But to be honest, I wasn’t able to enjoy myself or the music at all due to that horrible crowd.

In conclusion, Fabric is a mainstream club trying to be underground, and unless you’re into teenage hipster douchebags you’re probably not gonna have a good time.

Leyla Ekelund