PARIS 17/2 – 18/2


The Peacock Society 2017

Of course Peacock Society foes on full time all weekend, sadly there are only single day tickets left, but wuth a KILLEr line-up on Friday there is no bother feeling pity. Go get your tickets here: PEAKOCK

3672*techno invite Obs-Cur *Nuit Acidcore Hollandaise*

Another round of Techno at GLAZART. You should know that The more the area La Villette is getting popular, the more GLAZART is pumping in Techno fans to really show the parisian way of a long night out.

Bayonne + Tonus // 17.02.17 // Le Pop Up du Label

Le Pop du Label is one of those diamonds not enough people know of. Sadly it’s only open until 2AM, which makes you want to enjoy it even more.


Timid Boy Invite : Carl Bee, Unknyo, Mancerow B2B Timid Boy

Let’s give an alternative to the bar hopping lads at rue Oberkampf to continue the evening until 7AM at the very smoky Nouveau Casino. House and Deep house will probably be on the mail theme.

90s PARTY Privateaser au Badaboum

Who wants to feel a bit nostalgic on a Saturday evening? Badaboum is a 90s fan and to honor the cheap souls, drink prices are low low low.

Disques Flegon Release Party x Jim Irie au Macumba

Macumba is the city version of a house machine club. You wanna party all night at rue Rivoli you better look good.

VERTV #06 w/ KM3 & VERTV DJ (Hybu & EV4NS)

It seems like clubs in Paris chooses one theme to go with every week, cause even THIS one is another house event. Grand Marche Stalingrad would be considered a bit more ”underground”.


Plantez-Vous #2 – troc de plantes et boutures + ateliers

Sunday’s at Point Ephemere, it’s just a must!