PARIS 26/1 – 29/1


Container XV : Codex Empire, Mondkopf

GLAZART is doing container sessions again, and up until 7 am you are in a treat at Villette.

Naya x Ardo au Dame Rose

Hip hop or trip hop, all is there tonight at Dame Rose. Such a shame it’s all way down south, but at least heat is gonna be on top and the style even

P2z ALL NIGHT – w/ Idealist (live), Daniel Wang & GFH

A mix of music from different ethnicities to warm you up on this Friday, 80s in its essence and the chance for you to see a live performance and get some disco and jazz in your legs.


Death Valley Girls x Los VV’s x Electric Jaguar Baby // La Méca

You know those really cool garange band events at hip places somewhere in PAris, well yes this is one of those. Punk, disco, acid rock and more and all this in 11eme.

HOUSE of MODA Grande fauve

On Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week the fashionistas will be well spot in clubs around Paris. La Java wants to catch them all and by adding a touch of house, berlin beats and latino crush we have an all in one deal.

Kavinsky & DJ Pone & Boogie Vice

Kavinsy bae bae is back in his home country to give us a NIGHTCALL, and new music of course.

3672*techno invite Kraken KREW*Hardcore PARTY

Well, basically the title is speking for itself. As we started the weekend at GLAZART, we would also like to end it here, as hardcore as possible.

Pernian Farahani