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Röda Korset: Musikhjälpen
Musikhjälpen is back for another year and Röda Korset is hosting an event to gather more money for the sake of children’s education. Go dance to four awesome bands while doing something good for the world.

Trunkfunk: Egyptian Lover
This is a legendary booking set to kick the holidays off! The king of freaky beats has been doing his hybrid live sets for basically thirty years and it’s an opportunity not to be missed!

The über guys just never stop. One week after their incredible party they’re back for some more, at Fee Fi Fo Fum.

Pandorum Techno Project
For the really heavy beats you won’t even have to go underground tonight! Upstairs are hosting a night filled with techno ranging on the heavier side.


Connected is hosting a christmas rave packed with psytrance!

Laymin 20 years anniversary
Laymin was around when the rave scene was booming during the 90’s. Celebrating the underground culture they’re back once again, serving the jungle infused party madness from back in the days.

Ful och Tråkig Klubb
Beyonce is the theme of this party, contradicting the club name.

Leyla Ekelund